Full-Service Video Production Company in Atlanta, GA

Radwagon Films is a full-service video production company in Atlanta, GA that comprises a large network of creatives, filmmakers, and videography experts. This goes beyond just the faces you see here but extends to a wide range of professionals and creatives across the country who collaborate together with us to help make exceptional videos. The video production services that we offer wouldn’t be possible without the talented professionals that we work with who help us to create meaningful work as a team.

As video and film creators, our aim is to make productions that move every viewer and translate the value of our clients to their audience. We dedicate ourselves to providing videos of exceptional quality with uncompromising creativity and a production process that, in the end, results in success for our clients. Our dedication to our work is what makes us one of the finest video production companies in Atlanta. Our passion for creating videos and films that move each audience is what keeps our clients coming back. 


Meet Our Core Members


Austin has been working in the film industry for almost 10 years and focuses more on the technical side of Radwagon Films. He’s the brains behind the professional equipment we use during the production process, as well as the equipment needed for editing and producing a beautiful finished product. Before coming to Atlanta, Austin spent two years in Pittsburgh, PA working on commercials, films, and tv shows to grow his talents in the industry. After moving back to Atlanta, he settled down in the area with his family and has since been able to gather even more experience in even more industries. In his years in the film industry, Austin has worked on every type of production there is: large and small feature films, scripted and unscripted television, short films, documentaries, commercials, live events, and corporate films.

All of this experience working on a variety of projects across the country led Austin to start up a film production business of his own. Operating a video production company in Atlanta isn’t just a job for Austin, it’s a passion that drives him to continuously learn about new film production techniques to expand his experience into even more industries. As a member of the IATSE Local 600, Austin is an experienced film professional in the Atlanta area.

creative director

DDavid is a great storyteller and has a talent for bringing our client’s ideas to life. As a founding member of Radwagon Films, he takes charge of the communication with each of our clients to understand their vision and collaborate with them to craft a story that can then be portrayed through video. His storytelling techniques captivate audiences and create engaging videos and films that our clients love. This talent for creating captivating videos and films has led David to become an award-winning filmmaker during his almost decade-long career. He’s helped to create viral content, festival runs, commercials, and corporate films that have added to the success of many brands and businesses. He’s even won half-a-dozen commercial video contests for his work in several national advertising campaigns that have netted him worldwide exposure.

David brings incredible creativity to the team at Radwagon Films, but also years of experience working with a variety of clients both big and small. He’s helped nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to captivate their audiences with professional videos, while also tackling large film productions for prestigious clients such as Coca-Cola, Viacom, Lowes, Porsche, FIFA, and more. He’s got the experience, the ideas, and the expertise to help each of our clients create captivating videos through a seamless production process. 


Who Are Our Clients?

When we say that we’re a full-service video production company in Atlanta, we should say that we’re an “all-industry” video production company in Atlanta too. That’s because we make films and videos for all varieties of clients in lots of different industries. It challenges us to continue to grow in our creativity and in our film-producing techniques, which inspires us to become even better film producers and video editors in the Atlanta area.

Some common groups that we work with include: 

Sorority and Fraternity Groups


Small Businesses

Television Personalities

Music Producers

Sports Teams

TV Series 

Large Corporations


Each of our clients has different video production needs and each client also wants to utilize their videos for different purposes. It’s thanks to our team’s many years of experience working on a variety of film projects and in a number of industries that we’re able to provide video production services of all different types.

  • “About Us” videos for brands and businesses
  • Promotional videos and commercials for upcoming events, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Commercials for businesses and brands
  • Tourism videos to promote a city or area
  • “Sponsored Content” for businesses and celebrities
  • “Behind the Scenes” filming for artists and producers
  • Documentaries for organizations, non-profits, charities, etc.

To learn more about the team that makes Radwagon Films one of the best video production companies in Atlanta, contact us today. We’d love to hear about your brand, your business, or your organization and discuss how our video production services in the Atlanta area can help bring you more success.