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Storytelling. Marketing. Education. Human resources. Creating brand awareness. 

If you are a company in Atlanta involved in these activities, you need to outpace your competition. The first step is by telling your brand’s story using a medium or platform appealing to all. And, no other form of media has yet to trump video. 

Videos allow your clients and audience to grasp your content amidst their busy schedules. Indeed, you can probably shoot one or two on your phone. But, to create videos that persuade, educate, inform, and inspire, you need to kick your video efforts up a few notches. 

We are Radwagon Films, a leader of business video production in the highly competitive corporate environment of Atlanta, GA. 

We are a marketing video company that specializes in corporate video production. Our clients consist of businesses, educational institutions, and anyone who needs their story told to a broader audience. 

Get started with our video production services to experience the power of video marketing! 


Brand Videos

Brand awareness is the end goal of your marketing efforts. So, your video marketing is not complete without brand videos. 

Whether it is to your niche market or the broader consumer market, we can spread the word by: 

  • Showing your audience who you are and what you do
  • Highlighting the competitive edges of your product
  • Proving what sets you apart from your competitors

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Traditional Commercial Video Production

We bring art and credibility to our commercial videos. With our services commercial videos, we can help your business stand out in the eyes of consumers. 

Use our commercial video production and: 

  • Impress and persuade your customers
  • Win your place in the hearts and minds of your customers
  • Present your products and services in the best light (and sound)

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Social Media Video Production

Social media has taken the world by storm. And, if you have not explored the marketing potential of social media platforms, you are missing out.

How much? You would miss out on more than 100 million potential viewers

Organically draw attention to your products and services with social media videos that leave a lasting impression! With social media videos, your business can: 

  • Get more intentional traffic to its corporate site
  • Help your ranking in the search engine results pages
  • Create more customers
  • Turn existing customers into loyal followers

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Real Estate Videos

If you are running a real estate business, your time is valuable. While hosting property showings is part of a regular day, these can be time-consuming. 

Go beyond a property’s curb appeal using videos that take prospective buyers past the door. Real estate videos are excellent at: 

  • Touring your prospective buyers efficiently
  • Driving property sales
  • Reducing acquisition costs

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Keep Up With the Competition


two businessmen in suits wearing punching gloves


To stand a chance at keeping up with your competitors, you need to invest in video production. Ask any digital marketer from any niche, and you will see that they use video in some way, shape, or form. 

In fact, at least half of them would confess to resorting to video marketing. And, it is not surprising since video seems to have the highest ROI of any marketing platform. With these figures, video marketing has attracted many digital marketers. Of course, this means a lot of competition on your part.

Video can also be your secret weapon for keeping your employees and team within your ranks. In fact, one survey revealed that more than 22% of businesses resort to video for their human resource efforts. Corporate video services can provide your company with the necessary videos to train, inspire, and educate your employees and team members. 

With our video production service in your corner, you can stand out. We can tell your story in a way that does more than inform and attract. The videos we make can create engagement and inspiration, too.

We ensure your videos propel you ahead of your competitors! 


Corporate Video Services Atlanta



Here are some numbers for you: 

  • Three-fourths of your potential audience and clientele will prefer a video advertisement to a blog or printed ad.
  • At least 50% of consumers seek more video content from their favorite companies.
  • More than 80% of your possible competitors are using video as part of their marketing strategies.

The list of statistics goes on. The point is that if your competitors are using video, so should you. We can be in your corner! 

Our corporate video services here at Radwagon Films have helped numerous businesses in marketing, human resource, and recruitment. We also cater to businesses that need videos to motivate and educate their workforce. 


Recruitment Video Production


recruitment video production

You can use video to send a message from your company to the consumer market. And, you can use it to deliver an attractive message that draws more applicants. Recruitment video productions are one of our flagship services here at Radwagon Films.


Show Your Company’s Values & Benefits to Potential Employees

The last thing applicants want is another pamphlet to add to their resume folders. Besides, a lot of them will have done their homework on your company already. What they need is more insight into your company and on a platform they can easily digest. 

Market your company to your potential employees with video, and you can expect a lot more resumes coming your way!


Explain What Your Business Does

Your potential employees need to know what your business does. Video can reduce the time necessary for a thorough employee onboarding process. With video, you can inform and educate applicants on what your company is all about.


Maximize Your Company’s Image with the General Public

No other media form does a better job at creating an image than video. It is no wonder many companies turn to video for their advertising and brand image creation. 

Our videos are well-shot with meticulous attention to detail. We also ensure that your videos are specific to the aesthetic palettes of your viewers. Let Radwagon show off the best parts of your company to customers and prospective applicants.


Shorten the Onboarding Process & Explain Complex Topics in Clear, Concise Terms

Gone are the days when a full week of orientation was efficient. Video can condense your orientation’s content down to a fun and engaging five to ten-minute video. 

At Radwagon Films, we take the guesswork out of your employee orientation and training processes! 


Take Advantage of Video’s Informative Potential for Your Meetings

You can use videos in your monthly meetings to: 

  • Make presentations
  • Present milestones or accomplishments
  • Introduce changes

With video, you can do all the above and more in a way that makes everyone look forward to Mondays.


Corporate Explainer Video Production


corporate explainer video

Your customers deserve in-depth information condensed into concise videos. The technical specifications and nuances of your products and services can make abridgment challenging — but not for us. We want you to outdo the other 87% of businesses that use video marketing


Use Video To Showcase the Benefits of Your Products and Services

With videos tailored to maximize your products’ appeal, we can improve how your products are received. As a result, your decision to hire corporate video production can lead to big returns on your investment. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Make your product videos visible on your site and social media. By exploiting all possible platforms, you can broaden your reach and maximize lead conversions!

Testimonial Video Production

Social proof is a powerful tool. In fact, you are 50% more likely to close a sale by taking advantage of this. You can wield the power of social proof with our testimonial video production service. 

Use testimonials in video format to: 

  • Allow your valuable customers to rave about your products
  • Add that all-important trust factor towards what you are marketing


Animated Corporate Videos


animated film production

Corporate videos do not need to be boring and straight-to-business. You can show the lighter side of your company, appealing to younger audiences and customers. With animated corporate videos, you can achieve higher engagement and conversions from your younger and hipper customers!

Our animated videos: 

  • Show the lighter side of your company
  • Add levity and humor as you generate brand awareness
  • Engage with younger customers


Promotional Videos

Do you have an event coming up? Are you having a sale? Both types of events are traffic generating. So, you need to get the word out and engage with your customers somehow. Hit two birds with one stone using promotional videos that: 

  • Turn your customer’s heads towards your event or sale
  • Shine the spotlight on one product or service


The Benefits of Corporate Video Production Atlanta


business video production


We cannot emphasize enough how much power video has on your marketing efforts. You can use video to engage your customer and ease them down your sales funnel. Within your business, video can be a useful tool for human resource management. 

Our corporate video production can: 

Inspire Your Employees

Video can be an efficient and effective way to motivate your employees. Many companies think so. In fact, almost 24% of all businesses in 2021 have made video their go-to platform for leadership messages. 


Improve Your Engagement Rates

Indeed, many marketers know that blogging translates to higher engagement rates. However, people are busy, and attention spans are short. Do you really want to bore your readers with a 2,200-word blog post? 

Keep your audience hooked on your message in a way that is appealing to them. With video, you can expect your engagement rates to improve. 


Drive Down Advertising & Lead Generation Costs

Leave the video production to us, and you can do away with the cold calls and painstaking outreach. All you need to do is ensure that your video is available on as many platforms as possible. 

Our videos can captivate and inspire, meaning that your leads come to you. They’ll watch your video and end up in your funnel! 


Easily Reach Niche Audience

There is a reason YouTube has proven a capable lead generation platform for many businesses. Finding your niche can mean the difference between having customers and an audience. And, an audience in your target niche is what you need to have to transform them into an army of brand ambassadors and advocates. 

With video, you serve your audience your message on a platform pleasing to them. Let us tell your niche audience what your brand stands for!



What Is the Video Production Process?


video production process


At Radwagon Films, videos are the product of a four-step production process. 



We discuss your goals and intentions for video marketing and help you determine the right approach for the right target audience. 



We prepare everything for filming your video and collate B-roll footage that speaks volumes of your company. This is where the magic begins! 

Live-Action or Animation

Whether you want live actors or a fully animated video, we create the video that propels your business to greater heights. 


We put the finishing touches on your new video. After this step, all you need is to post or embed the video on your channels and corporate site.


Ready to Get Started?

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What makes a great corporate video?


What separates a great corporate video from a phone-shot video is purpose and engagement. At Radwagon Films, we don’t just make videos. We specialize in corporate videos that leave a mark on your employees and clientele. 

We produce videos that don’t just amaze and stun. We make videos that: 

  • Cater to a well-defined audience
  • Tell a great narrative your audience can get behind
  • Show your business off to the market
  • Are customer-focused