Commercial Video Services


What Are Commercial Videos?

If you’re looking to boost your business’s marketing drive then perhaps it’s time to implement some commercial videos. A commercial video in its technical definition is an advertisement produced for television, streaming, social media, billboards, and wherever your potential consumers may view them.

Producing effective commercial videos may prove to be quite challenging, but Radwagon Films offers the best commercial video services in all of Atlanta, GA. 

We want to emphasize that your business’s commercial video will serve as a glimpse to not just your products and services but also your organization’s ethos. So, it has got to be done right, or else the messaging will ultimately fail. 

Failure is not in our vocabulary. Give us a chance and we’ll show you how a well-executed commercial can take your business to the next level. 


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What Are the Features of a High-Quality Commercial Video?

Creating high-quality commercial videos does not happen by accident. While creativity is always applied in everything that we do, especially during production, we make sure to keep in mind these elements. 

1. 30 Seconds in Length

Commercials usually run for 30 seconds. People have a short attention span nowadays but 30 seconds is still enough time for us to send a message to your customers effectively. The key lies in our innovation and, for us, our imagination knows no bounds. 

2. A Viral-Worthy Aspect

The key to virality is in knowing what resonates the most with your target market. Our goal is to not only capture their attention but make a video that’s worthy of being shared. Your target audience will be your very own marketers if they love your commercial video. 

3. Provides a CTA

An effective call-to-action informs your target audience that they need and want your product or services. We can tackle that messaging in a unique way through the power of visual imagery. 

4. Clear, Visible Branding

To us, every frame is a painting and we plan every shot meticulously to ensure that your brand is clearly implied in the commercial video. Whether we do it directly or indirectly, we’ll do it with wit, uniqueness, and style. 

5. Has Exciting Content

Gone are the days of templated commercial videos. Every project is unique and we’ll make sure your video will have a modern but relatable approach that fits your business and target audience. 




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How Should I Use Commercial Videos?

Use your commercial videos wisely. Some businesses think that if they bombard their target market with marketing material, that’ll be enough to get their attention and make them purchase their products and services.

But, consumers today are a lot smarter. Make sure to inject your commercial videos in the right places and at the right time. This could be on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


How Do We Know If a Commercial Video Campaign Is Successful?

By the end of the day, the numbers still don’t lie. A commercial video campaign is successful if your views, engagement, and brand awareness have increased. And, most of all, your sales have grown significantly and consistently. 


You’ve Got Your Audience’s Attention, Now What?

You don’t stop with one successful video commercial project, you strike the iron while it’s hot. Once you’ve captured your audience’s attention, you’re going to need to create more video content. 


People consume video content in large quantities nowadays and you just can’t go wrong with them. We have more concepts than just 30-second video commercials and there’s more than one way to boost your sales through video marketing.


How Long Does It Take for Radwagon Films to Create an Outstanding Commercial Video?

It takes us six to eight weeks to execute a video commercial project from pre-production to final output.


How Does Radwagon Films Come Up with the Concept for a Commercial Video?

It’s a collaboration, not just within our crew but with you as well. The initial idea starts with you but if you don’t have a concrete one, that’s fine. Just give us the core values of your organization and tell us what you’re trying to achieve with the video project.


Then, we’ll apply our own creativity, wit, and even humor into the concept, and with our technical expertise, we’ll make a video that resonates with your target audience effectively. 

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Commercials for the Modern Consumer

Modernity when it comes to commercials nowadays has a two-fold requirement. First, we have to make commercials that people can consume wherever they are and on a multitude of platforms. May it be on their phones, computers, TV, or through their social media or a streaming platform.


Second is that a commercial should be modern in the values it represents, forward-thinking, and advocate for a cause. 


What Are the Best Practices for Commercial Video Production?

What best practices do we follow at Radwagon Films?

  • Know Your Target Audience: Know who your message is for.
  • Define Your Key Messaging: We’ll make sure to incorporate the needed (key) elements in our video projects. 
  • Be Authentic: Always be genuine and honest about what your brand is and what it stands for. It’s the most effective way to keep a loyal audience. 
  • Add CTA: Concise and clear messaging. 
  • Aim for Specific Reaction: Overwhelm your audience with a certain emotion to compel them to react.


What is the Process for Creating a Commercial Video Production?

There are three main phases in a video production project i.e. pre-production, principal photography, and post-production. Each phase is crucial and you can’t slack off during any of them.


Pre-production includes conceptualization, writing, storyboarding, and the time when all sorts of preparations are done for the production. Principal photography is when the commercial is shot. And lastly, post-production is when editing is done which also includes key aspects like sound editing, music integration, dubbing, and color grading. 


Factors crucial to achieving our goal for a video commercial project include:

  • Proper Tone & Messaging
  • Knowing Your Target Audience
  • Appropriate Storytelling Style
  • Storyboards
  • Type of Talent Employed
  • The Location for the Commercial
  • Music


How Can I Differentiate My Commercial Video Production?

There’s no one way to create a unique video commercial. Video production is a collaboration of talents and, as mentioned, not just within our crew but also you and your organization. 


Here, we’ve listed down the elements for you:

  • Cast professional talent
  • Hire a professional production company
  • Keep the message simple
  • Pick the ideal type of video (live-action or animation) 
  • Lay down all the elements we need to include in the video project
  • Hire a passionate team
  • Utilize the right tools, software, and equipment (and take full advantage of them)


Pros & Cons of Live Action vs Animation in Commercial Videos

Both live-action and animation can be utilized to create an effective commercial video. But, of course, they will both have different messaging dynamics, go through significantly different production processes, and most of all, constraints. Here are key aspects to consider to realize their pros and cons.



Suffice to say, your imagination will be the only limit when it comes to generating ideas for an animation video project as opposed to a live-action commercial wherein you will have, of course, physical constraints. 


But, that doesn’t mean that your innovativeness can’t overcome such restrictions inherently imposed on live-action projects. You can go all out, though, with an animation project proportional to the skills of your animators. 


Messaging and Appeal

The dynamics of live-action and animation commercials are different. That’s why you need to pick what’s best for your brand and the ideas you’ve generated. There’s no medium here that’s clearly better than the other when it comes to how a message will be imparted. But, the most important thing to do here is to choose what’s effective for your target audience. 


Delivery and Cost

Which of the two can be delivered faster and which is costlier? It really depends but, in general, live-action projects are far more predictable than animation.


Regardless of the manpower of a crew, video production for a commercial may take about two to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. The cost of a live-action commercial may not vary much either. 


On the other hand, an animation project can either be done by just one person or a group of animators. Depending on their manpower, animation projects are very challenging to do and may take months to complete. 


Animation projects may also be costlier than live-action given the requirements of the craft. 


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Radwagon Films Video Services

If you’re looking for the best commercial video services provider in the Atlanta, GA, area then you don’t need to look any further. We are a crew of professionals that are passionate about what we do, from production assistants to directors. 


We pay attention to the details because we know how important they are to convey the right kind of message you want to your target audience. We are not just passionate about the craft of filmmaking but are also experts in it.


We use the latest technology for our production but, by the end of the day, we understand that it’s all about storytelling and execution that will help make a video commercial campaign successful. 




How much does commercial video production cost?

The cost of commercial video production differs depending on what you want to make. The typical cost of a broadcast commercial is about $7,000 to $10,000 per minute. On the other hand, there are also low-budget video packages that cost $500 to $5,000 based on the length of the video and other factors involved.


How long does a commercial video take to produce?

On average, about six to eight weeks with a full crew video production from pre-production to final output.


Where should I consider advertising my commercial video?

It depends where your target audience frequently views video content. It can be anywhere from TV, to social media, streaming platforms, websites, cinemas, and public screens. 


Ready to collaborate with us and create a memorable commercial video? Contact us now!