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Social media video production provides a tremendous opportunity to reach out to former and potential customers. After all, to engage audiences, a video marketing strategy is essential. At Radwagon Films, we are a video production company that can help you integrate video into your digital marketing strategy. Our social videos drive sales, establish social trends, increase engagement, and foster community building.


social media video production


View counts and engagement are all on the rise on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, of course, there’s YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine and most-visited website. We can help brands gain new customers and improve brand awareness by using the power of social video content.


The Advantages of Using Social Media

There are numerous ways to incorporate social media video content into your overall social media marketing campaign. The following are some of the advantages of social video production:

  • Shareability: Video content is highly shareable. It also has a high probability of going viral since fans can disseminate it far and wide once you’ve posted it on your page.
  • Attention-grabbing: Features such as auto-playing videos on social media sites attract interest to your branded content.
  • Visibility in searches: Use keywords in your titles, captions, and hashtags to improve your video’s SEO performance.
  • Boost conversions: Add calls to action in the conclusion of your video. Everyone who has watched it to the end is now interested in your brand.
  • Use trends to your advantage: Since the social media scene is constantly shifting, and videos can be quite engaging, relate to the issues affecting your audience to get actual results.


Radwagon Films takes the best elements of your business and incorporates them into video in an engaging and benefits-driven way so your future customers know who you are and the benefits you provide for them.



Put Your Brand at the Top of Your Customers’ Mind With the Power of Social Video Content


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The realm of social media is dominated by video. After viewing a video on social media, 53% of customers get in touch with a company. Putting your money in social video production is a surefire way to promote engagement, profits, and your brand’s total online visibility. This can be easy with the help of a video production company.


Facebook Video Production

Facebook is among the top social media marketing platforms, making it a valuable resource to tap into. We’ll make the first essential moments of your video as eye-catching as possible to captivate the audience’s interest, as 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.


Facebook is a terrific location to interact with your followers, and the algorithm that Facebook uses prioritizes human-led stories in your feed. The more people interact with, share, react, and comment on your video content, the more traction it gains and the higher visibility it gets.


In general, Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing video content. Facebook and other social media marketing platforms can be leveraged to drive traffic to your website. On Facebook, your audience will be able to interact with your posts freely, and you will receive genuine feedback and comments. As such, make sure you thoroughly consider this avenue when sharing valuable content.


YouTube Video Production

YouTube is an essential channel for business advertising. Over 500 million hours of videos are viewed daily! Getting viewers’ attention in the first few seconds could lead to a discussion regarding your brand.


For a long time, YouTube has served as the hub for video marketing. You are free to upload videos of any length; however, depending on what type of content, it’s better to keep it short and sweet!


YouTube is commonly used to host videos; you submit your video content to YouTube and embed it in your other social media channels. This ensures that all views are attributed to a single video instead of several videos across different platforms. YouTube videos also appeal to a wide range of people.


YouTube is an excellent area to invest your targeted media marketing budget. You can pay to have your video ad featured in other videos more appealing to your target audience. However, having a hook in the first few moments is crucial, as most paid ads allow viewers to skip once five seconds have elapsed.


Instagram Video Production

Instagram allows you to reach out to local and global audiences, allowing you to draw the attention of potential customers. Instagram videos garner 38% more interaction than image uploads, making them the most effective marketing technique on the app.


When creating a plan for a new video or a collection of videos, Instagram ought to be the starting point. Instagram, which is mainly utilized to reach a younger audience, can be used in several ways to pique your audience’s interest in whatever you’re marketing.


You can use Instagram to target your customers in various ways: they will notice your post as they scroll through their feed; they will be reminded of you as they check their Instagram stories; and if they are truly engaged, they will view your content on IGTV. You may also include a link to additional details or your website in a video, which is a fantastic method to gain traction and allow viewers to extend their content marketing experience.


Twitter Video Production

With 2 billion video views every day, video has found a home on Twitter. We’ll assist you in creating a great corporate video production that converts views into interactions, whether you want to grow your company or raise awareness for a product or service.


Retweets of Twitter posts featuring videos are six times more likely than ordinary ones. The average Twitter user has 140 contacts, so this might help you gain plenty of free exposure.


Another advantage of using videos on Twitter is that there is very little competition. When you browse through your Twitter feed, you’ll find that few people use the platform to share videos.


Furthermore, posting videos to Twitter will significantly boost your chances of being spotted in people’s timelines, as videos stand out considerably more than regular tweets.

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Get Ahead With Social Media Video Production Today

With increasingly more content being shared on the internet and through social media marketing, video is the most engaging way to communicate with your audience.

Radwagon Films is a corporate video production company that knows the specific demands, both from a financial and creative aspect, for creating content primarily tailored for these channels. 

As the need for video marketing for web and social media channels continues to grow, let us show you how our strategy efficiently generates buzz, inspires engagement, and drives social conversation.

Learn more about our social media video production in Atlanta by scheduling a consultation today.