Partnering with Brands for Video Production

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses, creatives, films, and organizations to create videos that showcase who they are in a dynamic way. Videos tell stories, and we’re proud to have been the storytellers for these great brands.

Our Video Production Process

Radwagon Films is a full-service video production company in Atlanta, meaning that our services start with pre-production and continue on all the way through post-production. 

Step 1: Let’s Get Creative

The first step in any video production process is the strategy and creative planning process. It’s the most important because it’s where our team gets to know who you are and what makes you unique. We’ll talk about everything that’s important to you and everything you want clients to know too so that we can then create a strategy for showcasing it in a unique way. This is a collaborative step where we bounce ideas together to come up with something great that you love. 

Step 2: Pre-Production

This is where our years of experience come in handy. Before we can start filming, we need to first scout out the location, create the storyboard and script, and decide who’s going to be involved. We also have to plan our equipment out to know what we’re going to use to capture everything in the video. This step on our side ensures a smooth and easy production process for you. 

Step 3: Video Production

Now we can have some fun. During the video production stage, we capture the videos, sound, and photography needed for the video. We take charge of the crew, lighting, camera angles, and production schedule while always keeping the conversation open to hearing any new ideas that you may have for the video production. This step is where ideas come to life, and where our team takes over the technical side so that you can have fun showing off your brand and your business. 

Step 4: Post-Production

Once the footage has been recorded, it’s time for us to start editing. During post-production, our team edits and pieces together the footage to improve the lighting and sound and bring the video idea to life.

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